In 49 states it's just basketball, but this is Indiana.

And we don't even have our own Indiana Pacers License Plate!

This has been a longtime pet-peeve for Pacers fans, and it's not clear why an official Indiana License Plate hasn't been commissioned for the Indiana Pacers.

You can get a Colts plate, over 30 college plates, and numerous plates for organizations that you've never heard of. But no license plate for the Indiana Pacers? Indiana is the home of basketball and we must have an Indiana Pacers Plate.

That's why you need to make The Plate Promise.

Hardcore Pacers fans from sites like Pacers Digest, Indy Cornrows & 8pts 9secs have been complaining about the lack of a Pacers Plate for years, but their voices have not been heard... until now. With your help, Pacers fans are going to receive enough attention and promises so we can all get our own Indiana Pacers License Plate. It's up to you.

My AMC Pacer would be a lot cooler if it had one, and your car would be, too.

Make your Pacers Plate Promise today!